EPICxH2O Lake Swan 2010 Camp | T-Shirt Design

Development Process

  • Lead Designer: Kristan Castro
  • Assistant Designer: Jeffrey Manalansan


Due to upcoming deadlines to other projects I wasn’t able to work on this project in the time needed for this design to be complete. Therefore, I had to take an “adviser” role in this design instead. While I was working on a separate project, Kristan Castro was designing this project. Via chat; We were able to communicate which made it possible to relay changes to the design despite being in different locations at the time.

What’s shown here is the process from the initial design that Kristan first created, each individual change that made using advice given from myself, and finally the final design that printed on the T-Shirts.

  • Brainstorming

Prior to this, I already had a design created specially for the EPIC Youth Ministry and we were ready to start the printing process. There was a problem, and changes needed to be made to also include the H20 Ministry in the same design. That wasn’t possible, so a new design needed to made from scratch.

We needed a quick, simple, and easy design to create in just a few days. While brainstorming, we finally decided on using a ” Jabbawockeez ” inspired design.

  • The Process

Step 1: Initial Design. 

Step 2: Replacing the crosses with ” Christ Cares Alliance Church “

Step 3: Adding ” Extremely Powerful In Christ ” and ” His 2 Own ” to clarify the meaning of ” EPIC ” and ” H20 “

Step 4: Using bars to add a ” RUN DMC ” flavor and a better border to the design 

Step 5: Better spacing in the bars and changing ” CCAC ” back to ” Christ Care Alliance Church “

Step 6: And finally adding the Grunge effect to the bars to match the font.